Welcome to NAZ Waterjet located in Prescott, Arizona

Waterjet (water jet) technology can cut darn near anything from aluminum to stainless steel, foam to stone and leave a super smooth edge!

Can Water Cut It?

You bet it can!

The number one advantage of waterjet technology is its ability to cut all types of materials, on the very same system. Virtually any material, virtually shape. Waterjet can cut it.

Cutting materials with waterjet has additional advantages over traditional technologies (like plasma cutting). For instance waterjet is a cold cutting process, virtually eliminating secondary processing and delivering smooth edge quality in one pass.

So What Can Waterjet Cut?

Here is the short list:

  • Metals
  • Composites
  • Stone & tile
  • Foods (yup, foods!)
  • Glass

But wait there’s more… Waterjet can also do:

  • Stacked materials
  • Thick material
  • Paper
  • Precision
  • Bevels